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THE INTERCULTURAL STUDIES PROGRAM AT CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE offers three kinds of complementory experience: study abroad, internships and research support.

It provides maximum cultural exposure under the expert guidance of experienced educators. At the same time, it gives students freedom to test their limits — not heedlessly but with respect and responsibility.

is unique about ISP?

ISP is unique in that it provides an ideal combination of structured and voluntary activities. Students must attend two core courses to get oriented in the Central European way of life but then are left to choose from ca. 800 electives in English attended by and designed for Czech and European students. No other program provides access to so many courses, attended by other than American students. Our students are not closed off in an American cultural bubble. On the contrary, they have a direct opportunity to interact frequently with non-Americans in-class and outside.

The program has an intimate atmosphere (only 10 students are admitted per semester) and the three faculty dedicated just to this program help students to acquire skills so they can plan and execute things on their own. The three faculty serve as instructors in core courses, guides on the program trips, and are in day-to-day contact with students to help them with whatever issues they may have. This mixture of roles results in a close relationship between students and the faculty – in open sharing and … fun.

We really like our students and it is our best reward to see them exfoliate their potential. 

The program is well extablished – it was first offered in 2004 and to date it has more than 260 alumni.

to choose Charles University in Prague?

Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, is the Sorbonne or Oxford of Central Europe. It offers ca 800 courses in English per semester across most majors.

CU has 14 colleges. Anually, it attracts 45,000 Czech students and 4,500 international students. These are taught by stellar faculty who provide an unparalleled academic experience for our students and guidance for our research scholars.

To learn more about Charles University, go to http://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-1.html

Prague and not London or Madrid?

These days, Prague is one of the safest and most welcoming study sites for Americans in Europe. Some of our students have said that they have not seen a more captivating city. Prague is both cosmopolitan and yet not overwhelming. It offers a very safe and navigable environment and a civil, welcoming population with sufficient command of English. Czech language is not required, although the program also provides a survival Czech orientation course.

Prague and the Czech Republic are located at the heart of Europe, permitting convenient and inexpensive travel.

The cost of living is about half that in the U.S. and Eurozone states.

The Czech government has carefully refrained from admitting a significant number of refugees. It has no troubled, unintegrated ethnic diaspora connected to unstable countries. Very cautious Czech diplomacy makes the country a non-target for extremists.