Summer Semester – Program Costs

The total cost of participation in the Intercultural Studies honors program depends on the study-abroad policy of a student’s home institution. It is our experience that most universities charge students the same tuition as if they studied at the home campus. Students from such institutions need to proceed according to instructions given to them by their Study-Abroad Office.

Some institutions, however, allow students to interrupt their studies at the home campus and to participate at their cost in a selected study-abroad program at its own rate.

The total cost of the summer semester Intercultural Studies program is US$ 4,400.

It covers tuition, fees, and accommodation.

Program participants receive US$ 600 as a contribution towards their airfare. (the cost of the air ticket ranges between $800 and $1,000).

Tuition: US$ 2,440

Fees: US$ 700

Accommodation: US$ 1,260

Tuition: US$ 2,440

  • 6 honors credits from Charles University
  • 3-day Survival Czech Language Course
  • comprehensive, 1-week cultural and historical orientation (lectures, 3 tours of Prague, presentations on architectural styles, etc.)
  • use of all facilities at Charles University
  • access to Charles University cafeterias with discounted meals
  • coursebooks for core (mandatory) courses
  • comprehensive and personal care during the entire semester (assistance with planning of personal travel, advice on places to visit, resolution of day-to-day problems, etc.)

Fees: US$ 700

  • transportation from the airport
  • 3-day local transportation pass (to cover the period before students can buy discounted passes.)
  • 5 trips in the Czech Republic – includes transportation, admissions, and accommodation during one overnight trip (for descriptions see Cultural Excursions)
  • 3-day trip to Vienna (includes: 3 guided tours, admissions to Schoenbrunn Palace and Imperial Treasury, Vienna transportation pass, round-trip bus ticket. Students arrange their own accommodation to suit their individual needs and means.)
  • access to discounted tickets to cultural events

Accommodation: US$ 1,260

  • accommodation at the international Komenskeho dormitory, 24-hour receptionist, restricted entrance
  • single room in a suite containing 2 single rooms, kitchenette, WC, and shower.
  • work-out room
  • Ethernet connection in each room free of charge
  • use of equipment purchased to improve the quality of life at the dorm (microwave, electric kettle, table lamps, memory foam mattrasses, assorted cookware in each suite)
  • 24-hour services of the “dorm mother”

Note: The Intercultural Studies Program reserves the right to change the housing fee before the application deadline if the exchange rate fluctuates by more than 10%. 

Cancellation policy:

2 months prior to their arrival, students or their institutions pay a non-refundable fee of US$ 700.  If a student chooses to drop out of the program after the deadline for paying this fee, the money will not be refunded. If a student does not drop out from the program, this non-refundable fee will be credited towards her/his tution.


There are additional major expenses connected with students’ stay and travel to the Czech Republic. They amount to US$ 2,565 and include:

Meals allowance: US$ 1,500
Local Transportation Pass for the entire semester: US$ 55
Czech Medical Insurance: US$ 110
Round trip Air-ticket

Round-trip Air Ticket to Prague

The program offers US$ 600 contribution towards the cost of the airfare. 

Students pay the rest of the price of the ticket. The cost of a round-trip air ticket to Prague ranges between US $800 – $1,000.

 Meals Allowance: US$ 675

Board is not included in the price of accommodation. Students are responsible for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They have a variety of means to procure them. They can prepare them in their kitchenettes, eat at university mensas (student cafeterias) for discounted prices, or buy food in restaurants and take-out establishments. At the International Dormitory there is a possibility to buy breakfasts but the cost is exhorbitant in comparison with prices for breakfast items at grocery stores.

Semester local transportation pass: US$ 40

Program participants qualify for reduced-cost local transportation passes at a cost equivalent to that for Czech students.. As a result, they are entitled to a significant student discount on transportation valid for all means of transportation within the city of Prague.