FA/SP Electives

In addition to the mandatory core courses, students attend courses at all faculties of Charles University as well as at Czech University of Technical Engineering. In total, approximately 800 courses in English are offered each semester. Elective courses are taught primarily by Czech/European faculty.

Course selection in the spring and fall semesters of any given year are almost identical to those of the previous year. The final list of electives offered at all faculties is available, together with the schedule, ca. 6 weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Below is a list of electives for the 2017 Spring Semester:

2017 Spring Semester Electives at Charles University

2017 Fall Semester Electives will be posted by March 30.


Language classes and classes taught in foreign languages

Students can study foreign (i.e. non-Czech and non-English) languages but only from the intermediate level up. There are no foreign language classes conducted in English for beginners. We recommend taking only the more advanced classes which are conducted exclusively in the language of choice and use a textbook in that language.

Foreign languages are used as languages of instruction in some classes – for instance German, Norwegian etc. at the department of Germanic Studies, Italian, Spanish or French at the department of Romance Languages and Literatures etc. Teachers of such classes expect from their students an advanced command of a given language.


You can also browse on your own the Charles University Student Information System for courses using the following strategy:

– go to the Information System website of Charles University

– click on the icon Subjects, make sure you set a correct academic year in Setup (on the main, green horizontal menu. Then use the options to restrict your selection: language of instruction, semester (winter = fall semester in the U.S., summer = spring semester in the U.S.), key word, the name of a college, or others.