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Participating in the Spring Semester in Prague Program was among the best academic decisions I ever made. The staggering range of educational travel and cultural experiences available to students-combined with the unfailing helpfulness of the program directors-makes for an unbeatable semester. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Jake Hess


You need to come to Prague. Seriously the best time of my life. I have a good GPA, and I love to party, too, so let me tell you, both academically and socially this was the most amazing place I’ve seen. I lived in London for a semester, as well, and Prague was lots better. You are so free here. It is seriously BEAUTIFUL! The people, the buildings–I’ve seen no city like it in Europe, really. Academically, you’ll be challenged, but you can do it. Make Czech friends, too; they’re wild and really intelligent, even if they are not in school. This program was amazing. I will remember this time of my life forever and return in dreams, and hopefully as soon as I graduate.

Kathryn Frothingham


I would highly recommend this program to any student who is interested in traveling abroad. Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. Everywhere you turn is picturesque. Between learning about Czech history and literature, one truly comes away with a true in depth experience. One will definitely reflect and think “I’m glad I took that wonderful opportunity when I was in college.” It gives you a better perspective on the world and on oneself. 

Kerry Morris

Participating in the Intercultural Studies at Charles University in Prague was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The idea of going abroad can be a bit daunting but through this program I was given step by step guidance and I felt completely comfortable from start to finish. The program includes taking multiple trips to destinations throughout the Czech Republic and I felt I learned so much more about such an incredible country. This program is also great because I was given the freedom to explore not only Prague but all over Europe as well. I’ve made incredible friends, unforgettable memories and a new appreciation for cultures unlike my own. It was truly an amazing experience and I urge anyone to participate in this program!

Emily Allard

More than anything else, while studying abroad one is able to learn about themselves-to mature, accept circumstances, and appreciate the beauty of the world. Studying abroad in Prague has taught me to enjoy life, to take in my surroundings-hear the sounds of the language, the traffic, the culture. Prague has inspired me to see more of the world and to gain a better understanding of it. It has put a passion in me to explore, understand, learn, accept, appreciate, and enjoy. It is one of the most valuable experiences I will ever have.

Laura Weinstein


I highly recommend the Prague program. I was one of the best decisions I made in college. The academics are rigorous, and the travel opportunities unparalleled. I’ve grown in so many ways because of coming to Prague, and it has undoubtedly been my best semester. Try it: you won’t regret it.

 Arthur Barrett


Prague was definitely the best choice I could make for a semester study. Prague is a very beautiful city, with the best cultural experience you can get. Czech cuisine and the many varieties of Czech beer were great. If you are looking for an outstanding academic and cultural experience combined with a fun semester abroad, you have to choose Prague.

Peter Podprocky


This program offers everything; it has to exceed your expectations. Exert the same effort and you will earn an exciting, humbling story to write home. No one could have orchestrated this trip better than Prof. Robbins and Mgr. Marcela Janickova.

 Katrina Volante


Studying in Prague was a fantastic experience. It is a beautiful city with plenty to keep you busy (and well fed). Both classes, Czech history and Czech cultural history through literature put into context everything you see and experience here. It was definitely worth it!

John Paul O’Hare


Deciding to spend six weeks in Prague was one of the best decisions I have made. I learned a great deal both in and out of the classroom and thoroughly enjoyed the classes that were offered, as well as all the activities and trips we went on. For me international education is very important and the Prague Summer Program is a great way for an individual to open their minds to other cultures and new ideas.

Carolyn Hopgood


The Summer Semester in Prague Program is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To be immersed in a culture so rich was a very rewarding experience. I ‘d do it again in a heartbeat. Not only are the classes offered fun but they also help you learn about everything you see and find out how Prague and Czech Republic came to be what it is.

Zack Rapp

 The Prague Program provides a challenging cultural experience worth diving into. A full immersion into an unexplored culture with boundless opportunity for personal exploration and growth. Your experience is what you make of it: enjoy and indulge in what you can and be prepared for unexpected challenges along the way.

Mitch Manning


I had the experience of a lifetime during my semester in Prague. Not only were the classes interesting and diversified, but experiencing the Czech culture was amazing as well. This program also gave me a great home base for traveling throughout Europe. I highly recommend this program to all students.

Craig Myra

 Taking part in this program was an incredibly intense experience, full of beautiful moments and crazy ones, too. Prague is beautiful, and the program allows you to fully enjoy the city and the country.

 Sarah Nashat

 The entire trip has been an amazing experience. I’m very glad I came here. I did so much traveling for reasonable $. All the sights within the Czech Republic were amazing and shown to us. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that must be taken if you get the chance. 

Lana Chervinskaya


Come to Prague! This program is something you will always remember as an amazing experience and eye-opening. Thank you, Prof. Robbins and Mgr. Janickova, for everything. You have been very helpful in every possible way. This program is great. I have learned more this semester than I have in the past year and a half at university.

 Trevor Tattan

 During my four months in Prague, I have learned and experienced more than I thought was possible. I will take more away from this than just a cultural experience. I will forever carry with me the people I have met, the places I saw, and the perspectives that have changed through my experience in a foreign country.